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43. William Schoenly was born between 1837 and 1839 in Douglas Township (Prob). He lived with his uncle, Joseph Boyer after his mothers's death on April 10, 1848.  His uncle resided in Limerick, PA.

He was married to Catharine Dotterer (daughter of Matthias Dotterer and Catharine before 1860). 


Catharine Dotterer was born on 14 Aug 1839. She died Jul 15, 1919. William Schoenly and Catharine Dotterer had the following children:

child+71 i. John Schoenly
child+72 ii. Henry Schoenly
child+73 iii. Mary Schoenly
child74 iv. Lillie M. Schoenly was born in 1867.
child75 v. Emma Elisabeth Schoenly was born on 28 Mar 1869.
child+76 vi. William Schanely
child+77 vii. Catharine Susanna Shanely
child+78 viii. Katie Ellen Shanely

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