219. George Y. Ammon Schoenly was born on 16 Jul 1913. He died on 14 Feb 1998.

He was married to Lillian M. Specht on 1 Jun 1935. Lillian M. Specht was born on 9 Feb 1918. She died on 8 Apr 1978. George Y. Ammon Schoenly and Lillian M. Specht had the following children:

child280 i. G.L.S.  Living Schoenly  George LeRoy Schoenly was born on 2 Jan 1936.
child281 ii. C.W.S. Living Schoenly Clarence William Schoenly was born on 30 Jan 1940.
child282 iii. R.H.S Living Schoenly  Robert Harvey Schoenly was born on 22 Dec 1940.
child283 iv. L.L.S.  Living Schoenly Lester LeVerne Schoenly was born on 2 Feb 1942.

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