109. George Tilden Schoenly was born on 20 Jan 1919 in Des Moines, Iowa. During World War II, George T. Schoenly received the Purple Heart while serving in the United States Army having attained the rank of SFC. On April 13, 1996 he died in El Paso, Texas.

He was married to Elaine Marie St.Cyr on 26 Dec 1953 in Lowell, MA.


Elaine Marie St.Cyr was born August 10, 1921 and died January 11, 1982.  She had been a Corporal in the United States Army. Both Elaine and George are buried in the Fort Bliss National Cemetery at El Paso, Texas.

George Tilden Schoenly and Elaine Marie St.Cyr had the following children:

child117 i. Susan Marie Schoenly was born on 3 Oct 1954 in Lowell, MA.
child118 ii. Kenneth George Schoenly was born on 20 Sep 1956 in Selma, Alabama.
child+119 iii. Nancy Elizabeth Schoenly.

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