89. Horace Schanely was born on 24 Oct 1861 in Douglas Township. He died on 17 Dec 1932.

He was married to Annie Benner Beidler (Birdler) (daughter of James Bliem Beidler and Sophia S. Benner) on 25 Dec 1886. Annie Benner Beidler (Birdler) was born about 1868. Horace Schanely and Annie Benner Beidler (Birdler) had the following children:

child+133 i. Howard Beidler Schanely
child+134 ii. Dr. J. Warren Schanely
child135 iii. Russel Schanely was born about 1898.
child136 iv. Elizabeth (Betty/Lizzie) Schanely was born in 1895.
child137 v. Bertine Schanely was born in 1900.
child+138 vi. Carl Schanely

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